I never believed in the concept of “Love at first sight”.  Forget that, I never thought I would ever fall in love. It was not as if  I was full of myself. It was just that I used to be so much detached, so laissez faire in my approach. I could have never imagined that cupid would strike me one day

Well they say, that Cupid always strikes when least expected…..

Those were the days when one would wander aimlessly in the town market or in the shopping mall. My childhood friends were my constant companions and partners in crime. We had almost perfected the “Art of doing nothing” a total inspiration from the legendary J.B Priestly.

We were not the ogling kind, but we did not miss any opportunity to behold as John Keats would have described….”A thing of beauty”

My friends were very happy with my company because they felt I would never be competition as I was indifferent and they could pursue their target without any fear of competition.  I on the other hand was happy to hear their hearts out and offer my shoulder to them for comfort

I don’t remember exactly what day and date it was, but I remember the sequence of events. We were loitering as usual in a mall, with no specific agenda. My two friends were busy with their roving eyes and as we were passing through, my eyes fell on her for the first time. It was just a glance and it was over…………but not really. That night the event kept playing in my mind again and again. The next day I went alone to the mall, something which I had never done before. I was hoping and praying to see her again and my heart skipped a beat when I saw her again.

I could not take my eyes off her, it was what I can say “ Love at first sight”.  I wished she was mine. I can say candidly she was sexy. I liked her figure and the curves and was imagining the pleasure of holding her in my hand all for myself

I wooed her many times and with a great deal of effort finally she was mine. My friends were shocked at my revelation. They accused me of being unfair to them, that i never shared my feelings with them. As they saw both of us together they could not help envying me. I was also mean enough to flaunt her where ever I could and whenever I could and I could not help feeling a swell of pride when I saw the envious look from others.

My parents never liked her but I kept convincing them that she was the best fit for me and they gave up after a while. They never  accepted her as part of me.

That was quite a while ago……………

Things changed now. I felt she was not the same as before. Gone, were the smooth and loving emotion she had with me. She started acting more and more cranky. The frequency of our fights increased, and it was showing on me. My parents were having the proverbial last laugh with a look that always said “We told you so”.  My friends also were least interested in her now.  I too had no more interesting stories and anecdotes to share with them. My manly instincts said that I no longer found her attractive.  The same sexiness that I used to ogle was now an eyesore. Her changed attitude added fuel to fire

After a lot of deliberation with myself I decided that it was time to part. We did have some great time together. I would always cherish the memories that I had with her, after all she was my first crush. How can I forget her, but I now needed to move on. I will move on. I am now waiting for the next and the latest version of the iphone…….”



10 thoughts on “LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT

    1. I really want to know the expression of your wife / girlfriend after reading this article …

      Great creativity ..

      Keep going ..


      1. We have spent enough time together to understand each other. Pls follow my blog. There are many other articles. I pick up from life experiences and add fiction to that


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