My daughter asked me why “Broken kite”, you are not broken yet…I named this just on instinct without giving second thoughts but it never occurred to me that someone would perceive it negatively

The most obvious thing is why would someone name their blog “Kati Patang (Broken kite)” does it sound like a loser?

What would be a natural reaction to this name?

Obviously at first instance everybody would tend to stereotype me as a loser, a person who cannot control his life. Lead the life of drifter.

Honestly speaking though we tend to think we can control all that we do and in firm control of all that is happening to us, don’t we feel that many times, in fact many a times things just happen as if by divine intervention. Both,  positive and negative.

But this is not a falling  kite… it is broken kite… the broken kite’s journey is controlled by someone above, and it sails, sails higher, then comes down,  then again a whiff of wind takes it up further and further and finally after its destined journey, it falls down. So much like our lives

Kites have always fascinated me,. “Uttarayan” the kite flying festival in India has always been my favorite. Though celebrated on 14th Jan, my festivities during school days would start from 23rd Dec the day our Christmas vacation in school started

The joy of spending time on our terraces on the D day flying kites the whole day, preparations for which would have started weeks  earlier. In India we cut others flying kites and it seems like battle royale in the skies played one after the other and the thrill of winning and the despondency of losing still reverberates in my ears and I long to relive that day again.

How can I forget how my parents and sister used to rally behind me the whole day to ensure I had a great time, unimaginable in this era. Holding the “Firki” and me shouting at them when my kite is cut and me jumping in joy when I win a battle in the skies it  used to be a roller coaster ride of emotions. And finally of course the joy of catching a broken kite… the prized possession which would fly up the next day

The fascination for the kite continues to live even to this day though it has been more than 2 decades since I flew a kite. Back in India after almost 15 years in middle-east I look forward to it soon

In the last 5 decades, my life has been a story of ups and downs many successes quite a few failures like any ordinary person.

Just as a whiff of fresh air sets sail to the broken kite on a newer trajectory, life has offered me the same benevolence. Life has offered me so many enriching experiences and also given opportunity to observe the world in different facets, just as the kite observes from high above. The journey has been awesome to say the least

This broken kite shall share life experiences big or small, relevant or irrelevant, happy or sad, whatever way, but those experiences which I have observed, felt and experienced.

It would be great if you join me on the ride, which is not really a roller coaster, but one of ups and downs twists and turns and not yet fallen…..


3 thoughts on “AT THE BEGINNING….

  1. Nice Parsu.. Kati Patang is story of freedom . Liberation from Middle east and in search of roots which are grounded in our memories.. keep writing


  2. No one can control anyone, only the right and the wrong choice.Why do some people feel that they are losers, because the present society has given us too much pressure。We have forgotten the essence of life.Anyway .hope you hapyy veryday!


  3. Just like a whiffof fresh air

    Very well written and yes a completely positive way of seeing life – good wishes – keep writing


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